Jamie has helped me with my continued divorce issues like the change in our Parenting Plan and Child Support. Her knowledge is remarkable. She is quick to respond and very accurate with what to expect when moving forward in the system. Jamie doesn’t waste my time and is black and white.
I came to Jamie with a contested adoption case that was, as she put it, “an uphill battle.” She was honest with me from the beginning that the odds were against me. Always responsive and professional, she made all the difference in getting me what I wanted.
Jamie was the best lawyer I could have ever imagined. She was always nice and helpful and fought hard for my family. She is very smart and understands the law. She always made sure I understood what was going on in my case and never pressured me into anything I didn’t want. She always replied fast to all my emails or phone calls. She cared about me and my family and did everything she could to support us. She is the best lawyer in Denver and I would recommend her for anyone who needs legal help.
Jamie is not only an amazing lawyer that will fight to the end for you and you family, but she take pride in her work. She is very professional and 100% honest good or bad. Bottom line you need someone to fight for you and do an amazing job Jamie Rutten Cage is 100!!
Deano Jr.
Jamie helped me every step of the way through a rough divorce . She made sure I understood the financial risk I was taking . She also helped me keep my legal fees down by using her paralegal when possible. She never talked over my head and checked in on me often. She is very kind and understanding but tough when it comes to business.
Jamie is great! She is a very professional, caring, yet no-nonsense attorney who doesn’t just tell you what you want to hear. She lets you know your options, and will talk through them with you as many times as it takes. She always tries to do what is in the best interest of you and your family from both an emotional and financial perspective, rather than what is best or easiest for her. I had a very lengthy, contentious battle with a very difficult party and she definitely brought her “A” game to court. She was an amazing litigator which is what you want when your life and your children(s) lives are dependent on the outcome.
Jamie was so easy to work with and understood exactly what was needed to get our case handled. Jamie was always able to respond in a timely manner and made sure that you knew which options were cost effective and gave the best representation. She was upfront, friendly, and above all else, personable and made sure that whatever decisions were made, it benefited the kids. Jamie Rutten has represented my family a few times in separate matters and has always done an amazing job. I’d recommend Jamie for anyone going through Family Court matters.
I have worked with both Jamie and Kate and they both are experts in their fields. Jamie discussed the option of an appeal after my last court hearing. She gave me her devout attention and provided me with excellent information to make an educated decision in the matter. Kate has been working with me for two years and has provided consistent, expert knowledge on how to work with an ex who enjoys conflict. She provided advice on how to respond to unusual and confusing emails from my ex as well as provided insight from the courts point of view of how to best proceed with an ex who thrives on conflict. I have had experience with other attorneys in this field and none compare to the professionalism and expertise of Jamie and Kate. It is comforting to find attorneys willing to respond quickly, completely and with your kids best interest in mind.
Jamie, Nate and Kate were SO helpful through every facet of my divorce. Things were languishing for a long time, but as soon as I sat down with them they got everything on track. I should have contacted them sooner, highly recommend this team!
Kyle R.
Jamie is amazing to work with, she always makes me feel comfortable, safe and heard. Dealing with divorce and my ex-spouse can be incredibly stressful and intimidating; however Jamie lays everything out in a very practical way for me to get to solutions rather than stay in the mess. I am so grateful to have her in my corner!
Sarah M.