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We understand the emotional and physical toll that a divorce or legal separation takes on you and your family. We make it our duty to protect your rights throughout the duration of your case.

Determining a parenting plan that suits your needs and keeps your children safe, healthy and happy is paramount to your case.

Once your divorce, separation or initial custody action is over, you will receive a final court order. This order may be subject to modification or enforcement upon entry.

Spousal support (maintenance or alimony) is often a difficult issue to tackle. Our attorneys have the years of experience necessary to suggest creative solutions to help you reach an agreement or challenge this issue in court.

Tackling the legal system can be intimidating. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t fight for what’s fair. We are prepared to fight for you.

We understand how stressful it can be to seek or defend your parental rights. Our attorneys know the landscape, and will guide you through every step of the way.

Your children are entitled to child support from both parents. Many factors can impact the amount of support your children receive from the other parent.

Often the best solution is a creative one that we can reach outside of court. Mediation allows you to avoid the unknowns of trial. Our attorneys are also skilled mediators who can help you settle your case.

For a variety of reasons, parties sometimes choose to use private arbitration to resolve a disputed issue rather than going to court.

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